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During a long time, Valérie MAFFRE has been crazy about China and flea market. Self-taught painter, she made a first series of sticking: kraft, jute and sand are mixed on the bullfighting’s theme. Then, came another exhibition called “Sombra y Luz” where she played with light effects.

In her work, she plays with material; add old papers, oils, pastels…tones often deep and deaf in all her first abstract paintings and then a special affection for white, where she likes to insert letters and old writings ...

She plays with an instinctive style, using cardboard materials and different tissues. She cuts, sticks, creates her own mixes. She became a real alchemist.

She likes according to her inspiration dealing with different themes. We can really recognize her work through her very personal technique, which gives this nice particularity.

Abstract paintings, nature, animals, old pictures mixes about Indochina, sometimes special orders, recently about the Rugby World Cup; she is the first surprised when she is engaged in projects that she would never have imagined but which gives her new interesting challenges.

Resolutely in her time, even if her works are sometimes dealing with nostalgia…
that is maybe why it is so difficult to stay unconcerned.

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